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karmawizra the wizard


COME ON! SUPPORT LOCAL UNDERGROUND ART SCENE!!! JUST ANOTHER SUNDAY LEFT... (err... sorry for the late promotion... but still can spread the words)

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1st May updates....


moonlight serenade
Snapping a few picts of my bedroom...

bed view... the real moon was bigger & more beautiful than what u can see here...

(no subject)
last night shooting till 6am this morning... YAWN!!! wanna go sleep... pull down curtain... good nite.. EH! goood.. morning...

I"M BACK!!!!!!
After disappeared for so long... Dont ask me why and where...

some movie poster for this year's opening entry... It's March already, but nobody cares....

never gone
havent update for too long untill i almost forgot the password to log in my LJ... (T_T)
and of course there's no other reason instead of being busy with school projects...

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apparently evil....

Owhh.. Noo...

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Like Anakin, i'm still in confuse.... 2% to lose a limb? It shows how powerful jedi i am!!!! Ahahahahahahha!!! Will Jedi council accept me the way i am? Am i the chosen one? BTW i really love orange lightsaber never seen bfore.

(Exam Week) blah..blah..blah..
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Who is she?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Meet her almost everyday in the morning at ERL west terminal while waiting for bus to cyberjaya...

(no subject)
Like tortoise, i draw comics...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I dont know when i'm gonna finish this... Time is like pap! pap! pap! but i'm working like u can see in bullet time... TOO SLOW!